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A History of Law

Law and Order

Most lawyers pass the bar in order to begin their career in law; Thomas Tooley started out by enforcing the law. In 1979, Mr. Tooley began as a Deputy Sheriff for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. During his four years in law enforcement, he gained firsthand insight into the law enforcement's perspective of the law and wrote hundreds of police reports. He also knows exactly what law enforcement officers are trained to detect when it comes to detaining a citizen.

From Badge to Briefcase

After four years, Thomas Tooley decided to begin his courtroom career, but not at the defendant's desk. In 1984, Mr. Tooley worked as a law clerk and then as a prosecutor in the city of Lakewood. During his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Tooley learned how prosecutors prepare their cases against suspects of criminal charges. After gaining experience as a prosecutor, Thomas began his criminal law practice.

Over 25 years later, Mr. Tooley is still working as a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado. He has helped thousands of clients in criminal and traffic cases throughout the Denver metro area.

See what Thomas Tooley's versatile experience can do to protect you in a court of law. Call (303) 233-2983 for your free consultation today.

dui attorney arvada co

Thomas has been in law enforcement, prosecution, and criminal defense.